About this Guide

This is a step – by – step guide through PVCAD, the first computer-aided design (CAD) program built for distributed generation solar projects. We recommend using PVCAD for all projects <5MW and PVCAD Mega for ground mounted projects >5MWs. PVCAD Mega has enhanced topographic features and allows you achieve scale on large projects much faster.   We have written the guide in a concise, straightforward manner for simple onboarding, and tutorials. Please note, that if you have PVCAD Mega, this application comes with access to PVCAD when change from “Utility” to “Standard” mode.

Follow along by clicking the button on the bottom right of your screen to go to the next page or select from the Quick Guide on the left of your screen. Lets hop on in, and learn how to save time and design better.

PVCAD Tutorial Video

Watch videos throughout this guide to learn the key functions of PVCAD and the various automated features that will save you design in your layout, single line diagram, design exporting, and much more.

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