Residential and C&I Layouts and Proposals in Seconds

An easy to use web-based layout tool for distributed generation, free and paid plans available.  

Compatible with PVComplete’s web-based tool, PVCAD


In five clicks you can create a solar design regardless of skill level.

Estimate size, energy production, and cost in seconds.
Packed with Data
Rely and learn from satellite imagery, equipment and weather files.
Start Development
Quickly understand core project requirements.
On the Go
Create, edit, and share designs on tablet, phone, or desktop
Built for You
Flexible usage-based plans for you and your business

Product Features

Layouts in Seconds

  • Define obstructions and use satellite imagery
  • Select equipment from expansive database
  • Tool-tips and automation at every step
  • Iterate and Adjust

  • Select, copy, and delete individual modules
  • Select weather files and adjust production estimates
  • Save drafts and change layout settings
  • Plan and Develop

  • Review savings calculations, utility rates, and energy production
  • Generate proposal and export reports
  • Export to PVCAD or order a plan-set or stamping
  • Still want to know more about PVSketch?