PVSketch Mega

Utility-Scale Layout, Modeling and Proposals for project developers.

PVSketch Mega is an intuitive web app designed to streamline solar project development. A friendly interface allows sales professionals easy access to a solar optimization tool with little or no training. PVSketch Mega helps visualize site topography and creates accurate energy modeling. PVSketch Mega is part of the PVComplete Mega suite. PVComplete allows solar developers, installers and engineers to work together on a single, versatile platform combining efficiency and accuracy. Sales professionals can begin a project quickly online with PVSketch Mega and then transfer the project to PVCAD Mega, our AutoCAD plugin, for a complete mechanically engineered design.

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Prospect & Qualify Sites Efficiently and Reliably

Assess project sites from the web. Import topography directly and view in 3D. Based on project requirements, PVSketch Mega will identify unusable areas and calculate total rackable area. Understand the viability of a site before visiting, purchasing expensive topo surveys or installing trackers.
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Optimize System Configuration

Pick any and all of the equipment you are considering from our extensive cloud-based database. PVSketch Mega can consider multiple hardware options and calculate all possible system configurations that meet project goals. Whether targeting total system size or annual production, see all project stats before rendering a single tracker. Once the ideal configuration is selected, auto-render the final layout.

Fast Track Large Scale Design

PVSketch makes project completion seamless. Generate a comprehensive project proposal. Communicate site viability, system outputs and final layout accurately. To complete a final project design, export designs to PVCAD Mega, our CAD for multi megaWatt and tracker layouts, to calculate full pier schedules.



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