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The first and only CAD for solar engineers and designers, built on Autodesk technology. Automatic stringing, shadow modeling, energy production, and more. Iterate your designs and compare which one is right for each project. Want to learn more?

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An intuitive web app built for salespersons to easily create multiple versions for array layouts and energy production models. Even better, you can export your PVSketch designs to PVCAD solar engineering software. Want to learn more?

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Multiple-megawatt layouts on complex terrain. Precise solar engineering built on Autodesk technology. Quickly complete site capacity layouts for utility-scale projects of any size using click-and-drag control and place tracker blocks at any angle within the project site. Want to learn more?

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PVSketch Mega

Utility-Scale Layout, Modeling and Proposals for project developers. PVSketch Mega allows solar developers, installers and engineers to work together on a single, versatile platform combining efficiency and accuracy. Sales professionals can begin a project quickly online with PVSketch Mega and then transfer the project to PVCAD Mega. Want to learn more?

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PVComplete provides the permit sets, single line diagrams or engineering stamps you need. Go from proposal to construction fast. PVComplete has over 20 years experience designing solar systems and has licensed, professional engineers ready to help your project. Want to learn more?

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Built for solar sales professionals and system designers who want to work together on a single, versatile platform that combines efficiency and accuracy. Solar design starts in PVSketch, the easiest way to design solar. All PVSketch designs can export to PVCAD for project engineering and permit plan sets. PVSketch and PVCAD can be used together or stand alone, it’s a flexible solution for how you run your company.

I use PVSketch because it’s the easiest and most efficient way to design a solar project. My customers are impressed by seeing the elegant report showing solar panels on their building.John Salmon, Commercial Sales at Slingshot Power

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