Speed in CAD for Distributed Generation

Quickly create precise engineering and permit-ready drawings for rooftop, carport, and ground mounted residential and C&I solar projects

Compatible with PVComplete’s web-based tool, PVSketch

Develop Faster

Reduce design time by 50% using solar automated features.

Design with Detail

Account for all site details, create permit & construction plan sets.

Standardize Precision

Advanced standardized solar tools eliminate errors,  & improve accuracy.

Share & Collaborate

Export  to PVSyst,  BOM reports, & share designs with teammates.

For all DG

Generate designs for all use cases – rooftop, carport, and ground mount.

Economies of Scale

Affordable automation tool ensuring you have value-add functionality.

Product Features

Jumpstart with Automation

Designed for usability & easy integration to start your project.

  • Import your design from PVSketch or your existing design file
  • Generate automated rooftop, carport, & ground mount layouts
  • Choose from our expansive Cloud-Based Equipment Database

Create Designs Quickly

Reduce tedious rendering to reach an initial design:

  • 3D analysis & building evaluation
  • Automated Single Line Diagrams
  • Define obstructions and string modules in a matter of clicks

Refine and Adjust

Ensure your project is designed to requirements:

  • Automatically render shadow paths & analyze shading
  • Easily change or update equipment
  • Edit and analyze wind zone calculations

Export and Strategize

Move the design and de-risk project development:

  • Precise production modeling & export to PVSyst
  • Mapping & layout export in KML
  • Share and review with team members

Prepare for Construction

Ensure your project is ready for successful operations:

  • Create Bill of Materials & equipment summaries
  • Compare design versions side-by-side 
  • Save as-built drawings

Ready to supercharge your DG solar designs?