Meet Our Team

Claudia Eyzaguirre

CEO & Co-Founder

Claudia is equal parts business strategist and solar evangelist. Prior to PVComplete, Claudia led a multi-million dollar project to reduce California solar soft costs with the Center for Sustinable Energy. She worked with Governor Brown’s office on solar permitting standardization. She was lead author on the 2014 California Solar Permitting Guidebook. Claudia spent four years working on emerging solar markets in the US with Vote Solar. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Daniel Sherwood

President & Co-Founder

Daniel is the domain expert and product manager, as well as being a professional electrical engineer who designed his first commercial solar project in 2002 for PowerLight. Daniel has since designed hundreds of solar projects as well as new products while working for SunPower and SunLink. Daniel brings prior experience founding a successful start-up as featured in the Wall Street Journal. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo, CAN.

Brian Hogan, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Hogan leverages computer science and human computer interaction principles to solve real world problems, including perceptions of disability in West Africa, wildlife protection and environmental advocacy, compressed air energy storage, water and energy management for industrial agriculture, and solar installation design and optimization.

Software and Engineering

Aaron Gray

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron is a senior software engineer at PVComplete. He assists with software development and application deployment for the entire suite of PVComplete products including PVSketch and PVCAD. As an armchair environmentalist, Aaron enjoys researching climate change, activism and climate modeling in his spare time. Previously, Aaron worked as an application developer within the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

Juan Ferreira, PhD

Data Scientist &
Software Engineer

Juan is a data scientist and software engineer at PVComplete’s Porto Office. He develops features and helps integrate mathematical models and statistical tools into PVComplete products. Juan has worked on projects and studies related to climate change as an environmental consultant and research scientist in the fields of physical meteorology, climatology, and oceanography. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Aveiro, Portugal. In his spare time Juan enjoys running, hiking and reading.

Andreas Wabbes

Solar Engineer & Software Product Owner

Andreas works closely with our software team to define and implement solutions in PVCAD, PVCAD Mega, PVSketch, and PVSketch Mega software products. Andreas has a master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering with a minor in Commercial Engineering from Ghent University. Before PVComplete, he worked as a Solar Expert and Research Program Manager Hybrids and Flexible RES for the ENGIE Group, working on PV design optimization products and advanced O&M solutions. Andreas is a self-proclaimed solar nerd as well as a concerned scientist, this has driven his passion for problem-solving and optimizing how to harvest the sun to sustain power in the future. Andreas also enjoys surfing and bike riding. He looks forward to the day he will surf Nazaré.

Carlos Frias

Senior Software Engineer

Carlos is a senior software engineer at PVComplete. His focus is around extending functionality on PVCAD & PVCAD Mega. Carlos worked as a high school math teacher for over a decade and then in research as a software engineer at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield. His heart is forever divided between two great passions; Mathematics and Computer Science. Eager to learn, his interests fall in a wide range of areas such as augmented reality, machine vision, machine learning, and game development. Hobbies are stargazing, hiking, soccer, and doodling mathematical drawings with TikZ/LaTeX.


Design Services

Reuben Baril

Design Services Director

Reuben leads the design services department, providing engineering services to meet the customers’ design needs. He is the electrical engineer of record for numerous commercial rooftop, ground mount, and carport projects. Reuben’s combined mechanical and electrical background allows him to consistently provide uniquely insightful perspectives on the development and deployment of all types of solar projects. Reuben is a professional electrical engineer and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Aleksandra Wawrzyniak

Design Services Senior Engineer

Stay tuned for Aleksandra’s bio.


Sales and Customer Support

Omar Kayed

Account Executive

Omar is the point person for all things sales and customer support. He helps solar companies utilize PVCompletes software and engineering services to Design Residential, Commercial, and Utility-scale solar projects. Omar has a BA in communication studies and a professional background in ERP software. He enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, and all things outdoors.

Carly LaFont

Marketing and Business manager

Stay tuned for Carly’s bio.