Utility Scale Solar Project Optimization Software

PVSketch Mega Moves Past Versioning with Optimization

In Industry Perspectives, Product Update by info@pvcomplete.com

The central objective driving all of PVComplete’s software development advances is to accelerate the deployment of solar worldwide by improving the speed, accuracy and overall ROI of solar project design.

Now, with the introduction of PVSketch Mega, we’re delivering on that promise once again by making possible an entirely new level of optimization capability. 

Creating multiple versions of a solar project layout has always been a fundamental step in designing the most efficient and cost effective PV projects. That said, versioning has been a cumbersome process that is executed manually or — in the case of solar developers with the manpower to build out their own internal automation systems — through piecemeal CAD scripts and Excel calculator tools. 

Now, PVSketch Mega makes sophisticated solar design optimization available to solar companies of all sizes, and allows even the largest developers to refocus their engineering teams’ valuable time away from building and maintaining in-house tools and back to getting more designs out the door.

Historically, whether using either manual or automated methods, optimization has been limited to creating layout option A and layout option B and comparing the two. PVSketch Mega delivers exponentially more power. The software enables unlimited versioning, taking into account all project inputs and goals and reporting ALL possible configurations for comparison.

The software also makes it possible to visually sort through all possible configurations when making project decisions. Optimized configurations are graphed for easy comparison and final configurations can be visualized with automated layouts. 

Project inputs include:

  • Equipment Choice: Select multiple module and racking alternatives and PVSketch Mega compares every possible permutation of those choices.
  • Ground Coverage Ratio: Define a minimum and maximum allowable GCR and PVSketch Mega runs through every possible combination of equipment at .05 increments of GCR in graphs that display how changes in GCR affect system size and production
  • Project Goals: Specify system production or system size targets and PVSketch Mega further optimizes its equipment choice and GCR analysis to narrow in on the layout configuration that will meet your needs among all possible configurations.

Leveraging the power of advanced cloud computing, PVSketch Mega empowers you with a never-before-seen level of quantitative analysis and project optimization to inform important design decisions. Check out this short video to see first hand how PVSketch Mega can do all the heavy lifting to deliver a configuration that best meets your development goals, or contact us for a demo.