Solar Labor Shortage

Scaling Solutions During a Solar Labor Shortage

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Companies in every sector are facing massive labor shortages, and solar is no exception. Competition for workers is fierce, and companies are hiking pay, boosting benefits and offering enhanced training to both attract new workers and retain the employees they have. For those that can’t find enough staff, cutting back operations sometimes seems like the only path forward. 

Making an urgent situation even more so, the current labor shortfall comes just as the solar industry needs to scale like never before. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates that the solar industry will need to grow to include more than 900,000 workers in order to achieve President Biden’s 2035 clean energy target — which is quadruple the workers the industry employs today.

Certainly investments in technical training and broad scale industry recruiting will play a significant role. But solar businesses also need to think creatively about how to streamline their processes, remove obstacles to productivity and empower their teams with the resources they need to achieve their best and be most efficient.

With a full spectrum of software and engineering services, PVComplete offers residential, commercial and utility-scale solar companies the resources needed to operate and grow their businesses successfully — even with a lean in-house team. 

Optimize Operations with Software

PVComplete’s integrated suite of PVSketch/PVSketch Mega sales and PVCAD/PVCAD Mega CAD engineering software empowers solar businesses to optimize virtually every step in the solar project lifecycle: sales and proposal development, site prospecting, mounting system selection, material cost reduction, grading decisions, performance estimates, constructability and more. 

By automating and informing essential functions with advanced software capabilities, teams are able to execute more efficiently, tackling greater numbers of projects without growing headcount. 

Consider how PVSketch and PVSketch Mega fast-track solar project proposal development. In as little as five clicks, any user, regardless of experience level, can create a solar project design packed with valuable information that can then be saved as a PDF and delivered to the customer in a professional proposal package.

An integrated approach to sales and engineering also improves project throughput. Sales professionals can begin a project quickly online with PVSketch and then transfer the project to PVCAD or PVCAD Mega where project engineers can then create a detailed engineering plan. 

PVCAD and PVCAD Mega make project throughput faster and easier — not only with superior design tools, but also with features that automate and streamline every step in the project development process.

Outsource Engineering & Design to Trusted Experts

Whether you need extra manpower to complement your in-house capabilities or are looking to outsource solar engineering and design entirely, PVComplete’s Design Services Team of experienced solar engineers is a proven and trusted staffing solution capable of taking you from proposal to construction on a faster timeline.

With expertise in residential, commercial and utility-scale solar project execution, our California, USA-based solar veterans provide responsive, scalable support customized to meet the unique needs of your growing PV business.

PVComplete’s solar engineering experts deliver permit-ready plan sets, single line diagrams and engineering stamps for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects from PVSketch directly to your email with the completion of a simple form.

We guarantee our solar project plan sets will be accepted by your AHJ and permitting office or we will revise it for free. Plus, we’ll deliver all necessary documentation within three business days.

We offer EE and PE stamps in all 50 states and use software automation to offer competitive rates, not cheap offshore labor.

Contracting with PVComplete to handle your project design frees up internal team members to focus on sales and installation.

Don’t Let the Solar Labor Shortage Slow You Down

There has never been a greater opportunity to grow the solar industry, and PVComplete is committed to helping solar businesses make it happen. If you’re interested in learning more,  schedule some time to talk with our team today.