Electric Utility Rates

PVSketch Tracks Electric Utility Rates in All 50 States So You Don’t Have To

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Electric utility rates continue to climb, especially in California, which presents a significant sales opportunity for solar installers nationwide. 

PVSketch and PVSketch Mega make it easy to leverage these price hikes as part of our automated proposal generation process. We partner with Genability to ensure that PVSketch and PVSketch Mega always feature the latest utility pricing. Genability’s team of analysts track every utility in the country, and provide updated rate schedules on a monthly basis. Whenever they release new utility pricing, PVSketch and PVSketch mega automatically update as well.

These always-up-to-date electric utility rates for each project address ensures precise savings estimates. It’s just one more way that we integrate data at every step, to make PVSketch solar designs and proposals stand out. In addition, all site plans pull satellite imagery directly from Google Maps. Our extensive equipment database includes global solar manufacturers so each design is exactly to product specification. Weather files are pulled for each system location to calculate accurate production estimates from Meteonorm.

If you aren’t already a PVSketch or PVSketch Mega user, get started today.