PVSketch Product Release Notes: Updated: Parapets, Multiselect Mods, More Shading

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New Features: Parapets Heights, Multiselect Modules, More Shading


Select an entire array with one click. Multiselect makes for easier module manipulation for faster design. There is a new multiselect icon in the drawing tools.

Tips and Hints

Hover over buttons to learn what they do. More guidance, less guessing.  Simply roll your cursor arrow over a button or a field and after 2 seconds a Hint of how to use the field or the function will appear.

Parapet Heights

Input your parapet height on commercial designs. We now render and account for parapet shadows for you. When you select generate design, the layout will automatically avoid the shaded areas.

Shade Updates

We’ve tweaked the on and off roof shade calculations to better account for roof slopes.