You can catch PVComplete in our booth 2127 or see CEO, Claudia Eyzaguirre speaking at a session on commercial solar process improvements at the SPI Conference at 9:30 on Monday.

Session Details:

C&I Cost Reductions Through Process Innovation

Description: Like snowflakes and fingerprints, every commercial and industrial solar project is unique due to system ownership and siting, utility rate structure, financing, and other project attributes. These variables obscure the fact that all project stakeholders — developers, financiers, EPCs, and system owners — can benefit from standardization and process improvementsthat make C&I projects more efficient and cost competitive than conventional power. This session will examine contemporary strategies for standardization, including sales and engineering software and lean process in project development.

Moderator: Julia Pyper

Speakers: Chris Doyle, TJ Kanczuzewski, Claudia Eyzaguirre


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