About this guide

This guide is for new and existing users of PVSketch. We have written the guide in a concise, straightforward manner for simple onboarding. We’ll show you how to save time and design better.

We’re PVComplete, a California-based software company that helps visualize solar energy solutions for people who make things. We combine all solar design resources onto a single, versatile platform, enabling the seamless development of project design from concept to construction.

PVSketch Tutorial Video

PVSketch is a web-based solar design tool for residential and commercial solar development. We have built the tool to be intuitive and easy-to-use for business development, early stage engineering, and project planning.


You can get started for free, using PVSketch to design your next residential or commercial solar project. Simply enter a user name and password and then identify the project address. Site imagery will automatically download from Google Maps. The PVSketch software is easy to use with no training required. Simply hover over any tool or button for a quick tool tip explaining its function. Follow along with our video series below!


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