Generate a Layout

It’s easy to generate a residential or commercial rooftop solar design layout with PVSketch. Once you have defined your roof area and obstructions, the software automatically fills your roof faces and avoids placing modules in obstructions, setbacks or shadow paths. PVSketch also provides total PV system size, annual solar production and total number of modules. These figures will automatically update as you fine tune your solar project layout.


Simply click “Generate Layout” as soon as your project is ready and you will get a solar project designed to your specification. If you notice a mistake in your first layout, not to worry, you can adjust the design by using the cut, copy, delete, and paste modules function. You can do this one at a time or multiple by using our select and multiselect tools. If you are manually pasting modules, hold SHIFT to snap modules back into place.


If you would like to start over and regenerate the design, simply click Generate Design again and you will get an entirely new layout while maintaining your pre-drawn obstructions and racking areas.  Alternatively, use our hide modules button to see underneath the module in PVSketch before you re-Generate your design if you would like to adjust the drawn obstructions.