Generate a Layout and Optimizations

PVSketch Mega is designed with the end-user in mind. Its accessibility, combined with powerful cloud-based computing, allows for large batch optimizations, real-time adjustments, and the generation of comprehensive reports and layouts that can be exported for further design work in PVCAD. This seamless integration ensures that PVSketch Mega is not just a planning tool but a complete project development ecosystem.


PVSketch Mega allows layouts of trackers and fixed tilt tables to be done in large batches using parallel cloud based computing. This will facilitate the process of choosing the optimal layout for a given solar project by running many different scenarios at once. 


To start creating layouts and optimizing your project go to the “Optimization” tab on the top level menu. PVSketch Mega will ask you for a target value, either a system KW size or a Kwh annual production target. If there is no particular target size in mind, choose an arbitrarily large number for this field. The optimization will take 10-20 minutes to complete depending on the bandwidth of your variables. 


Before generating layouts, select your parameters for equipment and settings to run the optimizationL

  • Modules: Select one or more solar modules to use from our equipment database. Select the blue “Add Module” button to choose a module or specify your own “User Defined” module if you don’t have a particular module manufacturer preference. Select “Add Module” multiple times if you’d like to compare layouts using multiple different modules.

  • Mounting System: Select a portfolio of mounting system values that you would like to include in the optimization analysis. Click on the “Add Portfolio” button and you will be prompted to enter a mounting system option, range of GCRs, module orientation, etc… Similar to “Add Module”, selecting “Add Portfolio” many times to compare layouts of different mounting configurations. For example, to compare fixed tilt to single axis tracker, or to compare two types of tracker configurations to each other.


Once you have the mounting and modules selected, click on the “Calculate” button in the bottom right corner to generate layouts corresponding to every permutation of module, mounting system portfolio and GCR value. These results will be displayed in a table as well as a graph that is generated in the “Results” page on the top level menu. A layout for every permutation will be listed in the table with the one closest to the target value on top.