March 30 Satellite Image

Earth Day 2020

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There is no question that the last few months have often been stressful, and at times overwhelming. But thankfully, amidst the uncertainty we have also witnessed incredible moments of inspiration and courage. From acts of kindness among neighbors to appreciation for those on the front lines to the unwavering support of struggling small businesses, the good in the world has continued to eclipse the bad. 

While we are staying home to keep everyone healthy, we get to witness  a glimpse of the carbon-free future we have been working diligently to create. As people everywhere stopped driving and planes sat empty, satellite images revealed significant drops in pollution around the globe, from Wuhan to Milan to Los Angeles and New York, our atmosphere cleared. The air in communities in every part of the globe felt crisper, the skies appeared bluer and the sun seemed to be shining more brightly.

December to March Satellite Pollution Comparison

Though of course, we’re eager for the world to get moving again. We’re also hopeful that now that global citizens have seen the earth begin to heal itself while humanity focused on healing from the virus, the momentum driving decarbonization and the transition to renewable energy will begin to accelerate like never before.

This Earth Day, we celebrate a future that promises both a healthier people and a healthier planet. And as a company, we double down on our commitment to do all that we can to advance the deployment of solar worldwide, making renewable energy ubiquitous and helping to permanently reverse climate change and create a cleaner world. 

Let’s make sure as the world economy comes back to it full potential, let’s work together to make sure that it’s powered by solar and energy storage — and keep the clear skies as a bonus.