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Custom PV Design Software Tools: A Solar Racking Service Differentiator

In Industry Perspectives by info@pvcomplete.com

The solar racking and tracker markets get more competitive every day, with companies going head-to-head when it comes to pricing and features and benefits such as ease of installation, product flexibility and environmental suitability and more. While maintaining a pricing and feature advantage will always be a large part of the market share equation, service is proving to be an even more significant factor in growing and maintaining both sales and brand loyalty.

Solar developers and installers point to factors like responsive technical support, comprehensive cost data for quoting, and having helpful self-service tools at their fingertips as the sort of service differentiators that improve their ability to win and execute more projects on a faster timeline.

The good news is that providing better customer service and support doesn’t require increasing headcount. Instead, web-based custom PV design software tools can provide the instant answers developers and installers need. In fact, solar design tools may even free up valuable bandwidth for existing staff to refocus their time on product advances, new customer acquisition and/or facilitating particularly complex projects.

PVComplete has collaborated with a number of solar racking companies, including Ecofasten, Ecolibrium and S-5!, to build highly customized design tools built on PVComplete’s industry-leading PVSketch proposal and design software platform but with nuanced feature sets based on each manufacturer’s unique product advantages.

Consider the design tool we built for S-5!. The S-5! design tool is an intuitive web app that makes it easy for their customers to create advanced S-5 solar project layouts with little or no training. In as little as five clicks, users can create a solar project design packed with valuable information, including 8760-production data. When it comes to customization, S-5!’s design tool takes into account the location of roof seams because that is an essential part of their layout requirements.

For Ecofasten on the other hand, automating the BOM process and bringing it online was a top priority. They realized that sku-specific BOMs not only made it easier for customers to quote their projects, they also improved the accuracy of project orders, thereby improving both their supply chain management as well as their customers’ purchasing experience.

Ecolibrium turned to PVComplete to to simplify the ballast calculation and ballast layout process for its customers, including automating layout optimization based on a project’s seismic and wind coefficients.
Every racking manufacturer has a different opportunity to use automation to improve internal processes and solve customer pain points, and customized software design tools makes those improvements possible. The result is a service value add for customers that creates lasting competitive advantage.

Because the PVComplete team is made up of veteran solar project engineers who have experienced project frustrations first-hand, they bring essential insight and understanding to every custom software build. Investing in proprietary software tools is a significant investment, and software developers who understand solar can ensure the tools you build achieve the process improvements you are seeking.

Learn more about how the PVComplete Design Services team can help you leverage custom PV design software to establish winning competitive differentiation through better customer service.